StopShot – High Speed Photography Controller

The StopShot controller is a high speed photography controller – it has both microphone and sensor inputs, and 3 outputs to control loads like cameras, flashes, water valves, relays, etc. Use this controller to capture events that are too fast to capture with traditional methods – there are various sensor available for use with the StopShot controller.


StopShot – High Speed Photography Controller


  • Fully programmable 3 channel camera trigger for high speed photography.
  • Trigger up to 3 external devices including: flashes, cameras, water valves, solenoids, or any other low voltage electronic device.
  • Several flashes can be fired simultaneously from one Trigger – check out the Flash Splitter.=
  • Easy to read 4×20 LCD Display with adjustable back-lighting.
  • StopShot will save your settings between power cycles. No lost setup info.
  • Programmable to perform sequential triggering for complicated triggering sequences.
  • Timers can be adjusted to be manual (on button press), sequential, or event based.
  • Timers can be configured to ignore trigger events for a programmable amount of time (blanking time).
  • Time Lapse Photography Mode.
  • Sound activated triggering. Just add the microphone.
  • Adjustable gain for microphone or analog sensors.
  • Sensor input will accept digital or analog input.
  • Laser power can be turned off after trigger to keep laser light out of photos.
  • Long exposure control of shutter for night-time or astro-photography.
  • One touch Shutter lag measurement capability.
  • Each trigger can generate multiple pulses, great for multiple drops or multiple exposures.
  • Camera “Sync” mode to make synchronizing the flash with your camera’s shutter easier.
  • Up to 10 presets for user stored settings. Give your setup’s custom names and store them for later use.
  • Auto Increment – A programmable auto increment time increases trigger delay for every event.
  • Sequential mode timeout for taking pictures with an unattended camera.
  • Simple 4 button interface.
  • Durable extruded aluminium housing

The StopShot Controller includes:
– StopShot Controller
– 12V 1A DC Power Supply


Electrical Specification Summary

Specifications MIN NOM MAX UNITS
Operating Temperature -20 25 60 C
Input Voltage 6 12 16 Vdc
Input Current – No Sensors Connected (12Vdc in) 75 100 mAdc
Input Current – IR Sensor Connected 150 200 mAdc
Output Current Sink 1 Adc
Sensor Supply Output Voltage 4.0 4.5 5.0 Vdc
Sensor Supply Output Current 100 mAdc
Max Voltage on Trigger Out Port (Steady State) 40 Vdc
Timer Tolerance @ 25C 0.005 %