NACS’s ACS-3 high-speed camera offers high sensitivity and high throughput in a compact housing.


High Speed / High Resolution

1280 X 896 (1M Pixel)
Megapixel resolution at 16,000fps / 30,000fps*
*In boost mode

Faster Data Transfer

Fast Data Transfer USB3.0B
Fast Data Transfer to Optional SSD

High Sensitivity / High Quality

Color ISO ~40,000 / Mono ISO ~200,000
Superior High Dynamic Range
User Selectable Bit Depth

Compact housing

Dimension: 128W x 128H x 206D mm
Weight: Approx. 4.5kg


Model ACS-3 M16
Sensor 1.14M Pixel, CMOS
ISO (REI) Color ISO5,000~40,000 / Mono ISO25,000~200,000
Electric Shutter 1/100~1/1,666,666sec
Memory*1 16GB / 32GB / 64GB
Memory Segment Up to 64 Segments selectable
Control Software Faster Image Download to Built-in SSD. Backup Image data while recording
Recording Time Approx. 4.2 sec (8bit)
Approx. 3.2 sec (10bit)
Approx. 2.7 sec (12bit)
(14,000fps, 1280x896pixels, 64GB, Normal Mode)
Bit Depth 8bit / 10bit / 12bit
Lens Mount F-mount (supports lenses without iris ring)*1
C-mount*2 and EF-mount*2 interchangeable
Input Signal EST, Trigger (Contact Closure and TTL), IRIG-B
Output Signal Exposure pulse, ARM status, FAULT status, 3G-SDI (Level A), Display Port, and Trigger
Trigger Mode NORMAL, EVENT, BURST, MULTI, LINEAR and others
Interface 1,000Base-T, USB3.0B, USB3.0, and USB2.0
Control Software MLink (included with camera)
Power 20~32VDC (supplied by the optional AC Adapter)
Dimensions*3 Approx. 128W x 128H x 206D mm
Weight*4 Approx. 4.5 kg

Other Functions

Boost Mode Proprietary sensor and signal processing method to increase frame rate and resolution over Standard Mode
Auto Black Balance Mechanical Calibration Shutter
Sync Rec Full synchronized recording is available with GX-HUB.*2
Frame Straddling Shooting Record continuous image pairs for PIV analysis
Support minimum 500ns laser pulse
Dual Frame Rates Switchable between High and Low Speed recording
Low speed can be set between 1/2~1/100 of High Speed Recording.
DOWNLOAD REC Recording to a memory segment in parallel with downloading to another memory segment
Image Trigger Triggered by detected shifts in pixel intensity.
AOI as small as 21 x 16 pixels
Post Trigger Delay Trigger. Duration from trigger input to starting rec can be set up to 65,536 frame or 10 minutes.
AND/OR Trigger AND or OR conditions can be programmed for trigger signals input to TRIG1 and 2.
Trigger Reset Start exposing when trigger signal is input
EST Sync Mode Sync with external signal
CAM MODE LED Status: LED: View/Arm/Rec



Fan Control Pause/Auto fan control/Forced cooling mode


*1 Selectable at the time of ordering
*2 Optional accessories
*3 Dimensions without handle or optional accessories
*4 Weight without accessories
*5 Boost Mode is available only with Mono models.
Specifications described above are subject to change without notice.