StopShot – Beam Kit

The StopShot Beam Kit is an electronic timing system that will allow you to capture events that are too fast to see. High speed photographs can be taken with any camera that has bulb or manual mode.


StopShot Beam Kit

StopShot is fully user configurable and features 3 completely programmable outputs. There are many different sensors types available including microphones, beam sensors and vibration sensors.

If you already have a camera and external flash this package includes everything you need to get started in high speed photography. This package includes:

StopShot High Speed Controller
AC Adapter, 240VAC compatible (US, EU, UK or Australian, choose above)
An IR or Laser Beam Sensor – choose below (IR Version Pictured)
PC to female RCA cable to connect a flash to StopShot
Tripod Mounts for transmitter and receiver
6 ft RCA M/M Cable
6 ft 3.5mm M/M Cable to connect beam sensor to StopShot
6 ft 2.5mm M/M Cable to connect transmitter to receiver (power)


Specifications MIN NOM MAX UNITS
Input Voltage 6 7.5 14 Vdc
Input Current- No sensors connected (9Vdc in) 75 100 mAdc
Output Current Sink 1 Adc
Sensor Supply Output Voltage 4.0 4.5 5.0 Vdc
Sensor Supply Output Current 100 mAdc
Max Voltage on Trigger Out Port (Steady State) 60 Vdc
Timer Tolerance @25C (Standard Module) 1 %
Timer Tolerance @25C (Precision Timing Opt) 50 Ppm
Operating Temperature -20 25 50 C