Perception Neuron 3 Body Kit

Mocap Anywhere

Designed to be portable, Perception Neuron 3 comes in a travel size EVA case that makes capturing data on the go a breeze. Without the need of walls, light, and occlusion, it is possible to mocap anywhere with PN3.


Ease of Use

This system is a great introductory kit for the world of motion capture which is so intuitive and easy to setup that you will be capturing in no time.

Smallest Sensor

Take Perception Neuron 3 with you, where ever you go. Our strap based system and wireless sensors make the world your motion capture stage. Data transmission takes place directly from the motion capture sensors to the USB C receiver.

Portable Design

Take your motion capture hardware to the next level. With the easy to use and quick installation design, you’ll take your motion capture with you anywhere, anytime.

What’s included in the system:

  • (17) Perception Neuron 3 Body Sensors
  • (17) Perception Neuron 3 sensor socket attachments
  • (1) Perception Neuron 3 Spare Sensor
  • (1) USB-C Transceiver
  • (1) USB-C to USB A adapter
  • (3) USB-C charging cables
  • (3) Modular Charging Dock
  • (1) Full set of Body Straps
  • (1) Mesh Bag for straps
  • (1) EVA Carry Case
  • (1) Axis Studio Software dongle
  • (1) Set of Base Glove – Size (M)




Sensor Size 27.9 mm x 16.2mm x 11.6 mm
Sensor Weight 4.1g
Gyroscope Range ±2000 dps
Accelerometer Range ±8g
Minimal Resolution 0.02 degree
Transceiver Coverage 4 meters
Battery Capacity 280 mAh
Operation Time up to 5 hours
Data Calculation Rate 600hz
Data Output Rate 60hz Locked
Interference Type Dual Probes
Operating frequency band 2400 Mhz ~ 2483 Mhz
Operating Current 40 mA

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