NAC Memrecam HX-3 / HX-5 / HX-6

NAC MEMRECAM (Memory Cam) HX-3 / HX-5 / HX-6 is a high-speed camera equipped with a high-definition sensor and characterized by each model. We respond to a wide range of needs from various R & D applications to production technology fields.

Main features of each model

  • HX-3 (2,000 frames / sec at 2,560 x 1,920 pixels)
  • HX-5 (at 2,560 x 1,920 pixels, 1,250 frames / sec)
  • HX-6 (at 2,560 × 1,920 pixels, 1,000 frames / sec)

You can perform detailed observation and measurement with unprecedented high-quality slow-motion images.


NAC Memrecam HX-3 / HX-5 / HX-6

High-definition videoNAC-HX3-camera

High-speed data recording of 2,000 frames per second with 5 million pixels (2,560 x 1,920 pixels) and 4,500 frames per second (HX-3) with full HD image quality, and highly accurate data from unprecedented high-definition video Is now available. Also, if you use the WINDOW MOVE function, you can specify the shooting location in the effective shooting area and display it in the center of the screen, making it easy to fine-tune the camera during magnified shooting.

High speed photography

The maximum speed of the high speed camera MEMREMCAM HX series varies depending on the model. You can select the most suitable model according to the speed band you use. You can capture high-speed phenomena from low-speed areas to high-speed areas with high image quality.

Maximum speed of each model

  • HX-3: 1,300,000 frames / sec
  • HX-5: 900,000 frames / sec
  • HX-6: 650,000 frames / sec

High Sensitivity Mode (GXC mode)

Brightness comparison between normal and GXC mode

It has sensitivity of color ISO 2,000, monochrome ISO 10,000, and in GXC * 1 mode of NAC’s original technology, the normal sensitivity can be increased four times. You can obtain brighter and clearer images than ever before even when shooting objects that are sensitive to heat or in low-light environments. In addition, clear images can be obtained even when shooting with the magnifying optical system.

DownLoad REC

By dividing the installed memory into two or more segments, it is possible to record captured images in unused segments while downloading them to your computer. It is the most suitable function for the purpose such as repetitive testing and time efficiency.

Custom memory segment

This function allows you to divide and distribute the installed memory arbitrarily. You can adjust the recording time and download only the necessary images without downloading the shooting data to the computer each time. You can perform more efficient shooting by using this together with the DownLoad REC function.

  • The HX series (HX-3 / HX-5 / HX-6) adopts a high-definition sensor with 5 million pixels (2,560 x 1,920 pixels), which exceeds the full HD image quality, and provides high-quality, high-speed images depending on the application. You can shoot.
  • The internal memory can be selected from 16GB, 32GB, 64GB. You can select according to your application, and you can add memory after delivery.\
  • Various recording methods such as automatic recording (auto pilot), recording delay setting, variable recording speed during recording (1 to 1/100 times speed), and image trigger are standard equipment.
  • It is possible to acquire 2 frame images at the shortest time interval of 125 ns with one exposure start signal pulse.
  • Images can be saved to a general-purpose HDD or secondary recording medium via a USB 2.0 network.







Image sensor * 1 5 million pixel solid-state image sensor
ISO sensitivity (recommended exposure index) Colour ISO 2,000 / Monochrome ISO 10,000
Electronic shutter 1/100 ~ 1 / 5,000,000 seconds 1/100 to 1 / 3,333,000 seconds 1/100 to 1 / 2,500,000 seconds
Memory * 2 16GB / 32GB / 64GB 8GB / 16GB / 32GB
Memory segment Up to 64 divisions
Density gradation Select from 8/10 / 12bit
Lens mount F mount (excluding lenses with no aperture ring or aperture lens) / C mount * 3 / NM mount * 3 / EF mount * 3
input signal IRIG-B / Trigger / Status
Output signal Status / DVI / Exposure pulse
interface 1,000BASE-T / USB2.0
Control software HXLink (included)
Camera power 24V DC (AC power system included)
External dimensions * 4 About (W) 120 x (H) 140 x (D) 333 mm
Mass * 5 About 6.1 kg About 5.3kg


* 1 Select when purchasing colour or monochrome
* 2 Select at time of purchase
* 3 Option
* 4 Excluding protrusions and optional items
* 5 Only the camera body, excluding optional items


High speed camera MEMRECAM HX-3 shooting speed


Shooting speed (fps)

Horizontal resolution × vertical resolution (pixel)


2,560 x 1,920


2,560 x 1,920


2,048 x 1,536


1,920 x 1,080


1,536 x 1,152


1,408 x 1,056


1,152 x 864


1,280 x 720


768 x 576


512 x 512


512 x 384


384 x 384


384 x 272


320 x 232


320 x 104


320 x 8



Dynamic range expansion function

Optimized image quality by preventing pixel saturation at high brightness

Synchronized shooting

Fully synchronized shooting is possible by using GX-HUB * 1

* GX-HUB can be mixed with fx M-HUB * 1

Two-shot continuous shooting mode for PIV
Frame straddle shooting

Capable of capturing one set of two images at extremely short time intervals before and after the frame transition Delay time between frames: 125ns

Shooting speed variable function

High-speed shooting and low-speed shooting can be switched during shooting Low-speed shooting can be set from 1/2 to 1/100 of high-speed shooting

Image trigger function

Starts shooting by detecting changes in the brightness of the detection area set arbitrarily on the image in three stages

Post trigger function

Up to 65,536 fps or 10 minutes can be set from the trigger signal input to the start of shooting

AND / OR trigger

Shooting starts under the condition of AND or OR for the trigger signal input to TRIG1 and TRIG2

Restart trigger function

New exposure starts with input trigger signal

Autopilot function

Shooting and data saving can be repeated automatically in any sequence

EST mode

Shoot in synchronization with an external signal

Memory backup

Protects data even when power is cut off unexpectedly

* 1 Option




Remote controller compatible with shooting condition settings, playback condition settings, data storage, etc.


DVI-D output can be converted to HDMI for monitor output, focusing and confirmation of images after shooting


Build camera synchronization system for HX, GX, fx series