NAC Memrecam HX-7S

NAC Memrecam HX-7S

A compact 5 Mega-Pixel resolution, High Sensitivity, High Quality high-speed camera that supports CFast and USB3.0 data transfer.

High sensitivity shooting of monochrome ISO80,000 by sensitivity priority mode.


NAC Memrecam HX-7S


Sensitivity priority mode

With the newly installed sensitivity priority mode, high sensitivity shooting of color ISO 16,000 and monochrome ISO 80,000 has been realized. By making bright images brighter, you can visualize phenomena that were previously invisible.

Compact Size

100 x 100 x 205 mm housing
With a focus on mobility, it responds to a wide range of needs in R & D applications and production technology fields.

Built-in memory up to 32GB mountable / USB3.0, CFast compatibleNAC HX7 Camera

Up to 32GB of memory can be installed in a compact body, and supports recording in various modes such as long-time recording and split shooting. In addition to the standard USB3.0 interface, it is also possible to store high-speed images of 40 MB per second on the flash memory card CFast.

Display Port

By adopting Display Port, it is compatible with 3 types of monitors, DVI-D, HDMI, and Display Port.

Remote control of EF lensNAC HX7 Camera

The built-in lens control function allows remote control of EF lenses.



MEMRECAM HX-7S specifications

Image sensor * 1 5 million pixel solid-state image sensor
ISO sensitivity (image quality priority mode) Colour ISO 2,000 / Monochrome ISO 10,000
(In GXC mode, color ISO8,000 / monochrome ISO40,000)
ISO sensitivity (sensitivity priority mode) Colour ISO 16,000 / Monochrome ISO 80,000
Electronic shutter 1/100 ~ 1 / 909,090 seconds
Memory * 2 16GB / 32GB
Memory segment Up to 64 divisions
Recording time About 8 seconds when shooting 8bit
6.9 seconds at 10-bit shooting
Approximately 5.7 seconds when shooting 12 bits (at 800 fps, 2,560 x 1,920 pixels, 32 GB)
Density gradation Select from 8/10 / 12bit
Lens mount F mount (excluding lenses that do not have an aperture ring or aperture lever)
C mount * 3 / NM mount * 3 / EF mount * 3
input signal EST / Trigger contact and photocoupler insulation / IRIG-B (AM) / ARM CMD / PWR CTL
Output signal Exposure pulse / ARM status / FAULT status / Display Port / Trigger
interface 1,000BASE-T / USB2.0 / USB3.0 / CFast
Control software HXLink (included)
Camera power 24V DC (AC power system included)
External dimensions * 4 About (W) 100 x (H) 100 x (D) 205mm
Mass * 5 About 3.0kg



Shooting speed
Speed ​​(fps) Horizontal resolution × vertical resolution * 6 (pixel)
850 2,560 x 1,920
1,000 2,560 x 1,680
2,000 1,920 x 1,080
3,000 1,280 x 1,072
4,000 1,280 x 720
5,000 1,024 x 768
6,000 896 x 736
8,000 768 x 624
10,000 640 x 592
20,000 512 x 352
30,000 384 x 296
40,000 384 x 216
50,000 320 x 192
80,000 320 x 112
100,000 320 x 88
200,000 320 x 32



Dynamic range expansion function Optimized image quality by preventing pixel saturation at high brightness
Synchronized shooting Fully synchronized shooting is possible by using GX-HUB * 3
(GX-HUB can be mixed with fx M-HUB * 3)
Two-shot continuous shooting mode for PIV
(Frame straddling shooting)
Compatible with laser pulse light of 286 ns at the shortest
Shooting speed variable function High-speed shooting and low-speed shooting can be switched during shooting Low-speed shooting can be set from 1/2 to 1/100 of high-speed shooting
Image trigger function Starts shooting by detecting changes in the brightness of the detection area set arbitrarily on the image in three stages
Post trigger function Up to 65,536 fps or 10 minutes can be set from the trigger signal input to the start of shooting
AND / OR trigger Shooting starts under the condition of AND or OR for the trigger signal input to TRIG1 and TRIG2
Restart trigger function New exposure starts with input trigger signal
Autopilot function Shooting and data saving can be repeated automatically in any sequence
EST mode Shoot in synchronization with an external signal
Memory backup Protects data even when power is cut off unexpectedly



Optional equipment
J-PAD3 Remote controller compatible with shooting condition settings, playback condition settings, data storage, etc.
Viewfinder 5.7-inch LCD monitor for focusing and checking images after shooting
GX-HUB Build camera synchronization system for HX, GX, fx series


* 1 Select when purchasing colour or monochrome
* 2 Select at time of purchase
* 3 Option
* 4 Excluding protrusions and optional items
* 5 Only the camera body, excluding optional items
* 6 Can be set arbitrarily if the total number of pixels is less than the recording speed