NAC Memrecam Q5

The NAC MEMRECAM Q5 is a high-speed multi-camera system that is significantly smaller and lighter than most high speed camera systems. By connecting multiple camera heads to one main unit, you can shoot subjects from multiple directions simultaneously.

There are various types of camera heads, such as ultra-compact type, high-sensitivity type, straight type, and angle type, which can be used according to the installation location and purpose of the camera. The anti-G performance is also improved and the range of utilization is expanded.


NAC Memrecam Q5

Super compact size and minimal weight

NAC Q5 camera
(Left) MEMRECAM GX-5 4ch model (Right) MEMRECAM Q5

Compact: 195W x 40H x 125D, 1.8Kg
Up-to 4 camera heads on one recorder. The volume is 1/6 that of the conventional product (e.g. NAC MEMRECAM GX-5 4ch model) and the weight is 1/4, which is a significant reduction in size and weight. By saving space, more cameras can be installed in a confined or small space.

Multiple camera head options

The camera head of the conventional system can be connected to the NAC MEMRECAM Q5.

You can select:NAC Q5 camera

  • 15mm square µ-Cam,
  • high sensitivity model C-Cam,
  • pencil type P2-Cam,
  • small S2-Cam according to your application.

Enhanced Hi-G (HyGe) performance

The camera has enhanced Hi-G performance, supporting up to 200G as is required in car crash experiments.

200G, 7ms; 150G, 11ms

Increased processing speed

The live display rate, data download speed, etc. are significantly improved compared to the conventional product, allowing you to perform experiments efficiently.

Built-in G-sensor

The system comprises of a built-in accelerometer (G-sensor) that can be used as a system trigger as well as minimise shooting failures.

Function to back up shooting

Critical to any successful high-speed camera system used in extreme environments the MEMRECAM Q5 has a memory backup function that saves data for a certain period of time even when the power is cut off are equipped as standard.



Body (DRP) specifications
Number of camera head connections Up to 4 units (P2-Cam, S2-Cam, C-Cam, μ-Cam can be used together)
memory 8GB
Memory segment Up to 32 divisions
Density gradation Select from 8/10 bit
input signal SYNC IN / Trigger
Output signal SYNC OUT / ARM status OUT
Trigger mode NORMAL
interface 1,000BASE-T / ResQ (for emergency data storage)
Impact resistance Shock 200G Half Sign 7ms / 150G Half Sign 11ms
Control software HXLink (included)
Camera power DC20-32V (AC power system)
External dimensions * 1 About (W) 195 x (H) 40 x (D) 125 mm
Mass * 2 1.8 kg


Camera head specifications



P2-Cam / S2-Cam

Image sensor * 3 300,000 pixel solid-state image sensor
ISO sensitivity (recommended exposure index) Color ISO 2,000
Monochrome ISO 8,000
Color ISO 8,000
Monochrome ISO 50,000
Color ISO 1,000
Monochrome ISO 4,000
Electronic shutter 1/100 to 1 / 18,000 seconds 1/100 to 1 / 70,000 seconds 1/100 to 1 / 1,000,000 seconds
Lens mount Special mount M10.5 C mount NF mount
Camera cable 2m 0.6 m
Extension cable 3/4 / 5m
(Maximum 16m * 4)
4 / 6m
(Maximum 15.6m * 4)
Impact resistance Shock 150G Half sign 11ms
External dimensions * 5 * 6
(W) x (H) x (D)
Straight type <br /> Approximately 16 × 16 × 27mm
Side type <br> Approximately 15 × 16 × 16mm
Straight type <br /> Approximately 35 x 35 x 58 mm
Side type <br /> Approx. 57 x 35 x 35 mm
SS Type
(Straight / straight)
About 25 × 25 × 85 mm
SA Type
(Straight / angle)
AS Type
(Angle / straight)
AA Type
(Angle / Angle)
About 25 x 25 x 88 mm
Straight type / Side type
(Straight angle)
About 25 x 25 x 25 mm
Mass * 7 Straight type : about 15g
Side type : About 15g
Straight type : about 140g
Side type : About 120g
P2-Cam: About 100g
S2-Cam: About 30g


Shooting speed

μ-Cam C-Cam

P2-Cam / S2-Cam

Speed ​​(fps) Horizontal resolution × vertical resolution * 8 (pixel)
50-1,000 640 × 456 (500fps)
640 x 210 (1,000fps)
640 x 480
2,000 448 x 336
4,000 320 x 240
10,000 128 x 96 192 x 144
15,000 64 x 48 128 x 96
25,000 32 x 16
50,000 64 x 48
100,000 32 x 16


Synchronized shooting Fully synchronized shooting is possible by using Q-HUB * 9 (Q-HUB can be used together with GX-HUB * 9)
EST mode Shoot in synchronization with an external signal
Memory backup Protects data even when power is cut off unexpectedly


Optional equipment
AC power system AC adapter
Q-HUB Build Q series camera synchronization system
Anti-G battery Dedicated G battery
BB1 UNIT Relay device (booster box) used when extending the camera cable


* 1 Excluding protrusions and optional items
* 2 Only the camera body, excluding optional items
* 3 Select color or monochrome when purchasing
* 4 When using the optional BB1 UNIT (booster box)
* 5 The notation in parentheses behind the camera type indicates the following
P2-Cam… Sensor mounting direction to camera body / Cable removal direction to camera body
S2-Cam: Cable removal direction for camera body
* 6 Excluding protrusions and optional items
* 7 Camera head only, excluding cable
* 8 If the recording speed is less than the total number of pixels, it can be set arbitrarily in steps of 32 pixels horizontally and 16 pixels vertically (P2 / S2-Cam only)
* 9 Option