Fastec HS Series

Fastec Imaging’s HS Series high-speed camera is designed with the serious researcher in mind. Image access as well as storage and retrieval have been rethought in order to maximize utility and reduce cycle times.

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Fastec HS Series High-Speed Camera


Advanced CMOS image sensors from 1.3 to 5MP
HS7: Full HD (1080p) @ 2500 frames per second (10 bits)
HS5: Quad HD (1440p) @ 350 frames per second (12 bits)
Configurable I/O ports for data capture, triggering, and sync
Excellent depth of field and high system magnification
Binning and sub-sampling on some models
Wide ISO range

Standard HS Camera Features

  • Camera controller eliminates the need for a dedicated PC
  • Built-in simple Web interface for control via browser on PC, tablet, or phone
  • Advanced application software with multi-camera controls and batch downloads
  • Accurate synchronization of multiple cameras, including TS, IL, and HiSpec
  • Multiple built-in high-speed mass storage interfaces
  • Proprietary high-speed fiber optic interface using COTS cabling
  • Flexible triggering via software, hardware, images or timed event
  • Software lens control for MFT (micro four thirds) lenses

Optional Camera Features

  • Up to 32GB internal memory
  • Internal SSD up to 2TB
  • SSD streaming modes for extended recordings


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