Infinity Optics InfiniProbe™ Series

The Infinity Optics InfiniProbe™ Series is used for imaging from micro and macro to table-top advertising, motion pictures, and wherever incredible depth of field is required.


Infinity Optics InfiniProbe™ Series

The InfiniProbe series is available in 3 different models, depending on the sensor format used.

All InfiniProbes can focus from infinity to only millimeters from an object.

InfiniProbe TS-160infinity optics microscope lens

  • The TS-160 is a radically new approach to macro/micro imaging.
  • It has a Variable Iris, but no f/stops.
  • It focuses internally without any changes to its outer dimensions.
  • Its front lens is a specially-calculated microscope objective or a macro auxiliary.
  • It ranges magnification from 0 to as much as 16x and can focus anywhere from infinity down to 18mm.
  • Almost any camera up to and including those with 35mm sensors can be used with it.
  • Wide range of camera mounts available (Arri Type PL Mount Adapter, Leica/Lumix L, Canon EOS, Olympus, Nikon F, Sony E for NEX, Sony Alpha, c-mount)

InfiniProbe MSinfinity optics microscope lens

  • Compact c-mount configuration
  • 0-4x Focusing from Infinity to 16mm
  • Covers All Sensors to 1-inch format
  • High Resolution/Extremely Low Distortion

InfiniProbe C-Mountinfinity optics microscope lens

  • 3 Magnification Range Models: 0-2.5x, 0-3.2x and 0-8x primary Power On-sensor.
  • Available in straight or 90-Degree versions.

    infinity optics microscope lens

  • For All C-mount Cameras/sensors to 2/3-inch Format
  • Focus Ranges From Infinity to as Close as 18mm.
  • Available in UV Versions.