ZEISS Industrial Interlock Lenses

ZEISS Industrial Interlock Lenses

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ZEISS lenses for technical applications are key components in complex production processes (Machine Vision) as well as in optical metrology, medical applications, traffic enforcement, quality assurance, sports and many other applications. Here they prove their outstanding image performance and reliability. Due to the precise manual adjustment of the helical focusing mount our partners will gain much better results than with comparable lenses.

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ZEISS Interlock Lenses – Professional lenses with optimized locking screws.

All Interlock® lenses from ZEISS offer extraordinary image quality with high contrast for technical and industrial applications. They feature an improved fixture for focus and aperture as well as a full metal housing for robustness. The lenses impress with their high image quality and precise manual focus. They are available with standard F-Mount and standard M42x1 Mount (45,5 mm Flange Focal Distance) for even more stability.

In the F-Mount version the aperture can be adjusted continuously by taking advantage of the de-click function, allowing precise exposure setting. The Interlock® familiy cover linescan sensors up to 43 mm (4k to 8k) or full frame area sensor with 24 x 36 mm (up to 42 Mpixel).

The ZEISS Interlock family consits of eleven focal lengths range from 15 mm to 135 mm. With additional focal lengths and improved fixations they complete the lenses of the ZEISS Classic family.




Lens Type Focal
Min. Free Working Distance Min. Working Distance
(Sensor to Object)
Camera Mount*
Interlock 2.8/15 15 mm 2,8 90 mm 250 mm M95 x 1.00 F-Mount, M42
Interlock 2.8/18 18 mm 2,8 200 mm 300 mm M82 x 0.75 F-Mount, M42
Interlock 2.8/21 21 mm 2,8 90 mm 220 mm M82 x 0.75 F-Mount, M42
Interlock 1.4/25 25 mm 1,4 93 mm 252 mm M82 x 0.75 F-Mount, M42
Interlock 1.4/35 35 mm 1,4 140 mm 300 mm M72 x 0.75 F-Mount, M42
Interlock 2/35 35 mm 2,0 180 mm 300 mm M58 x 0.75 F-Mount, M42
Interlock 1.4/50 50 mm 1,4 340 mm 450 mm M67 x 0.75 F-Mount, M42
Interlock 2/50 50 mm 2,0 100 mm 240 mm M67 x 0.75 F-Mount, M42
Interlock 1.4/85 85 mm 1,4 650 mm 800 mm M77 x 0.75 F-Mount, M42
Interlock 2/100 100mm 2,0 260 mm 440 mm M67 x 0.75 F-Mount, M42
Interlock 2/135 135 mm 2,0 620 mm 800 mm M77 x 0,75 F-Mount, M42

Remarks: *Available with fixing srews for focus and aperture.