Canon Professional EF Lenses

Images from your imagination

All Canon EF lenses feature the finest materials (especially the L-series lenses) and technologies.

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Canon Professional EF Lenses

Wide Angle Lensescanon-lenses

Share more of what you see and deliver the most stunning landscape images by exploring Canon’s range of wide angle lenses.


Telephoto Lensescanon-lenses

Choose a telephoto lens from the premium Canon range to capture sports and wildlife with ease. You’ll get up close to the action without compromising on quality

Prime Lensescanon-lenses

Pick a prime lens from the range. You’ll experience the fastest speed, advanced optics and quality to make your images and portraits the best they can be.

Fisheye Lensescanon-lenses

Discover Canon’s fisheye lenses. Experiment with unique angles as you discover the creative options available with a fisheye lens.

Macro Lensescanon-lenses

Discover the perfect lens for your macro photography. Show your world in macro with ease and bring even the tiniest of subjects to life size.

Standard Zoom Lensescanon-lenses

With these versatile lenses, you’ll enjoy a wide range of applications, including landscape, travel, portrait with the convenience of a single lens.

Cinema Lensescanon-lenses

Bring true cinema quality to your work with Canon’s range of Cinema EOS cameras. You’ll experience the renowned technology of Canon CMOS sensors, image processors and EF lens compatibilities for world-class optical performance.

Broadcast Lensescanon-lenses

Unrivalled performance, supporting latest 4K HDR broadcast requirements and wide lens selection from studio, field and eng lenses perfect for HDTV, documentaries and movie productions.

Tilt-Shift Lensescanon-lenses

Unlock your creativity and see a new photographic perspective that only a tilt-shift lens provides.