HIVE Plasma 1000

The HIVE Plasma 1000 light is ideal for high-speed photography and videography. Key features include flicker free operation up to 2,250 million frames per second and a full spectrum light source. The HIVE Plasma 1000 is 5x brighter than HIVE’s Plasma 250.

The HIVE Plasma comes in 2 variations:

  1. Plasma PAR 1000
  2. Plasma PAR 1000 with remote ballast


HIVE Plasma 1000

Hive Lighting’s Plasma 1000 pairs a single-point source 1000W plasma bulb with a mirror coated parabolic reflector to create a tight powerful beam, perfect for high output, long throw applications as well as being used with diffusion, soft boxes, bounce cards and reflectors.

The Wasp 1000 has comparable output to 1,800-2,500 watt HMI lights or more than 5,000 watts of Tungsten. At fifty feet away, the Wasp 1000 provides an F16 at spot and an F4/5.6 at flood for a camera with an 800 ISO.

x5 Brighter than HIVE Plasma 250.

Plasma Par 1000 Kit Includes :

  • 1000 Watt Plasma Bulb
  • Head Unit (OPTION – with internal ballast / with remote ballast)
  • Remote 220V Ballast
  • 10M / 32ft Header Cable
  • 12 Degree Parabolic Reflector
  • 3 HDP Lens Set
  • 5pc 13.5” Scrim Set
  • 13.5” Barn Doors


1000 watt Plasma Bulb
6500 Kelvin Color Temperature
5x brighter than Hive’s 250 Plasma Bulb
1,800-2,500 watt HMI equivalence
5,000+ watt tungsten equivalence
50,000 hour lifetime
100% flicker free