GSVitec G9

The GSVitec G9 is a Hi-G LED lighting solution perfect for crash test and extreme environment applications.

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GSVitec G9

Key Features

  • G9 supplies power for 1 to 9 “A1” lamp heads.
  • G9 battery pack attached to G9 control unit (changeable).
  • Charging input in G9.
  • Strobe via trigger signal (TTL) down to 1 μs rise time and 2 μs fall time (invertable).
  • Enable input BNC TTL to override trigger in. • 30 seconds of continuous operation with 9 lamp heads at 100% power. Or more when pulsed.
  • OLED display control and monitoring.
  • 100G
  • 12.000 lm continuous output per head. Overdrive mode (pulsed) 16.000 lm.


Max no. of lamp heads 9 x A1
Supply Voltage 48 V
Bundled Power Supply 48V 40 W for charging the mounted G9
Shock proof 100 G
delay / rise and fall time 200 ns / 1µs
Environmental temp. (operation) 0-50°C
temp. (storage) -10-60°


Overheat Protection

An overheated A1 will shut down the device. By standard, this function is dis- abled, as on crash tests it is better to probably loose a lamp head than hav- ing no light on the experiment during the critical moment.
Environmental Protection as IP 40
Mounting Options bottom ring M4 slotted holes


Diameter:body 120 mm; Diameter mounting ring 150 mm; H: 80 mm
Weight app. 2000 g
Settings by OLED yes
Settings by RS 485 Option
Battery capacity 30 seconds at 100 % ( shorter in over-
Battery Type Lithium Polymer
Battery pack exchangeable yes
Battery pack reload via front M8 connector, loading elec- tronics integrated
Trigger input M8


only 1 cable from generator to lamp head,5m (x9) , 5m cables for loading, strobe input and enable input

Strobe input


3.5 to 24 V, invertable



All cables, charging power supply, 1 bat- tery pack, G9 control unit


MULTILED A1 lamp head
Emitter 12 High Power Leds
Luminous Flux white, 12.000 Lumen

Power consumption


120 W

Supply Voltage 48 Vdc
Bundled Power Supply G9 Generator
Power Connector M8 screw in
Heat Dissipation passive, no heatsink or fan
Environmental protec- tion as IP 40
Mounting Options 2x 1/4“ threads

Standard Lenses


115° no lens applicable



Diameter:43 mm Length:42 mm + connector (10 mm)
Weight app. 200 g