Image Systems – TrackEye Motion Analysis

TrackEye is the world leading system for advanced motion analysis on military test ranges. It has the highest available accuracy for analysis in two, three or six dimensions in applications such as Tracking Mount 3D, Fixed Camera 3D or Stores Release.

TrackEye covers the entire process from digitizing images (film or video) through automatic tracking and advanced motion analysis to a complete predefined report. The comprehensive functionality handles tracking in several levels, from 2D, 3D and 6D to the most sophisticated range motion analysis tracking requirements.


Image Systems – TrackEye Motion Analysis



  • Synchronised – The User Interface is “fully synchronised”: any change of parameters or set-up will directly effect all parts of the tracking session, updating results, graphs and tables.
  • Import of Data – External data from GPS, Radar, tracking mount pointing angles and other instrumentation data can easily be imported and synchronised with the image data.
  • Camera Control – The compatible TEMA camera control software can provide multi-make, multi-brand camera control, loading images directly into TrackEye for analysis.
  • Decoded Information – The TrackEye system automatically decodes any image embedded information and makes it available for the analysis. Some examples of supported codes are: Video Left Edge Code, FDRS, analogue scales from Contraves C and D, Dot Matrixes, OCR, IRIG-B and many more.
  • Tracking – Different objects or environments require different tracking methods. TrackEye has a large number of different tracking algorithms available for different applications. Some examples are: Correlation, Circular, CoG, Quad and Outline.
  • Analysis – The TrackEye system includes a large set of predefined analysis functions. The functions operate on image data, imported data and results from prior calculations. Arithmetic functions, filters, speed, acceleration and coordinate transformations are just some of the available functions.
  • Result Presentation – A major advantage with the TrackEye system is the capability to present data and results in customised graphs, tables and sessions summaries. It is easy to add comments, custom graphics and to customise the appearance of a certain view.
  • Options – There is a large set of different options available for TrackEye. A subset of these are: TrackEye 3D, Trackeye 6DoF, Lens Calibration, Tracking Mount Calibration/Correction, Refraction, TrackEye Viewer and many others. User defined functionality can be implemented using the SDK option. The SDK is available at two levels: as a C++ API in the SDK Full version or as a sub set of macro functions in the SDK Lite version.
  • Powerful – Handles and analyzes at rapid speed large quantities of data from high speed cameras and other sensors. The operator can choose between a large number of tracking algorithms and track unlimited number of points throughout the image sequences.
  • Total Solution – TrackEye handles all steps in the process. No problem with compatibility, interface or data transfer between different software platforms.

Optional Modules

6DOF Analysis

The position of a rigid body can be described with six parameters: three positions coordinates (x, y and z), which gives the position of a specific point on the body, and three attitude angles (roll, pitch and yaw), which gives the orientation in space.

The term 6DOF, or 6D position of the body, refers to these six parameters. Using Six Degrees of Freedom (6DOF), also known as 6-dimensional (6D) motion tracking, it is possible to compute and analyze the position and orientation of a rigid body using only a single camera.

ArenaImage Systems-TrackEye-Motion Analysis software

ARENA is a combination of dedicated statistics modules in TrackEye to optimize the usability and the repeatability of arena testing for blast and fragment analysis. During an arena test, the ARENA tracking session collects inputs from one or several cameras monitoring a single or multiple screens which are pierced by shrapnel and particles. The location and timing of each piercing is recorded.

Mirror Tracker

Image Systems-TrackEye-Motion Analysis software
TrackEye Mirror Tracker

Mirror Trackers, such as the Trajectory Tracker(from Specialized Imaging) and the Flight Follower (from DRS) provides images of ballistic and non-ballistic projectiles using a high speed camera in combination with a rotating mirror to follow the flight path. Mirror Trackers in combination with Image System ́s Mirror Tracker analysis software allows for detailed visual observation of the projectile as well as advanced analysis of the data derived.

Stores Release

Verifying the simulated behaviour of a store during flight test is a technically complex issue. Using TrackEye Stores Release 6DoF makes the task easy, even with only one camera, to analyze and obtain time stamped complete 6DoF data. The 6D (six degrees of freedom, 6DoF) optional add-on package for TrackEye provides functionality for computing the position (x, y, z) as well as the attitude (roll, pitch, yaw) of one or more rigid objects, which are observed by at least one camera.

Tracking Mount

Many military test ranges worldwide deal with the measuring of position and attitude of moving objects using dedicated tracking mounts which can follow objects at large distances. The main feature to be measured for these studies is the 3D position of the object at different times. Using the 3D position data all kinds of analysis can be performed, e.g. calculating the distance between a missile and a target. Several tracking mounts can be used, positioned at different locations. Recording the direction to the object from different angles results in high accuracy 3D positions. An important tool to obtain this accuracy is TrackEye. The program tracks objects in images automatically, handles the positions of the tracking mounts, integrate different calibrations and corresponding corrections, transforms coordinate systems and calculates the position for all objects.


TERX 3D enables a test operator to analyze plasma droplets and streams in up to three dimensions. Applications areas include the development and testing of shaped charge explosives for military, construction & demolition purposes.


TrackEye – 2D Software: Basic TrackEye software for tracking and analyze in 2D.

Optional Modules

Part number Description Requires
TE3D 3D module. Option which allows 3D (XYZ) motion analysis tests.

Requires ≥2 cameras. Lens- and/or wand-calibration





TE6DoF 6DoF Module: Calculation of X, Y, Z and Roll, Pitch and Yaw on a rigid object from Single/Multi camera solution.

Lens calibration recommended prior to the test.




TEDIC2D 2D Digital Image Correlation module including tracker, diagrams, calculations. Option camera control is




TEDIC3D 3D Digital Image Correlation module including tracker, diagrams, calculations. Includes TEDIC2D. Requires

TE3D. Option camera control is recommended.



TE3DMODEL+ Import multiple 3D model/mesh file and displays it in the 3D diagram. Includes 3D target editor and possibility to make measurements between Points of Interest located on multiple 3D models using the PoI tool set. Possibility to perform 3D coordinate system






TE3DVOL The volume analysis function can calculate the volume of an object. The analysis is based on the results of outline trackers in multiple calibrated camera views. As the name of the function implies, the function can be used for time-varying volumes as well, such as airbags. The final result is a 3D volume sequence that can be used in diagrams and tables.

(Requires TE3D!)






TEIMPROC Image processing option: Allows image processing

prior to tracking. Includes image filter, time filter, arithmetic and FFT processing.



TETRAJFILT TrackEye Trajectory filter module. Module which

performs adaptive filtering of 3D data to produce a smooth trajectory.




TEARENA Tracks munitions through a screening terms of location, time and velocity. The following data can be generated during a test;

•     Time of impact

•     Area of impact

•     Azimuth/elevation of hit (as seen from the origin)

•     Panel hit (in a multi-screen scenario)

•     Average Speed to Screen for fragments

•     Max, Min and Average of these averages for the fragments

•     Fragments speed versus angle

•     Number of fragments versus angle

•     Total number of fragments versus time







TERX3D Module which enables a test operator to analyze plasma droplets and streams in up to three dimensions. Applications areas include the development and testing of shaped charge explosives

for military, construction & demolition purposes.




TEMATLAB MATLAB Interface – provides an interface to MATLAB, enabling a TrackEye operator to utilize MATLAB´s calculation functions to offload

calculations of test data with TrackEye.




TEMIRROR Tracking software for mirrored trackers (Specialized Imaging Trajectory Tracker/Flight Follower). Allows tracking of ballistic and non-ballistic projectiles using a high speed camera in combination with a rotating mirror to follow the flight path and provide detailed visual observation of the projectile as well as

advanced analysis of the data derived.