Orbiter 1000 stealth multi-purpose camera seat

The Orbiter 1000 stealth is a high performance, 360° multipurpose fold away low-shooter camera seat which is easy to use.


Simple, efficient, versatile

The Orbiter 1000 stealth 6.0 is Orbiter’s latest and most advanced mobile camera seat released.

The Orbiter 1000 6.0 does not require time consuming assembling with only a minimum of effort needed for set up and dismantling, achieved by a simple but effective fold away design.

Positioned, unfolded and levelled in seconds the Orbiter 1000 is ready for further set up of the camera. There are no baseplates, legs or platforms to be mounted anymore.

Orbiter Camera Seat

The Orbiter 1000 comes in a trolley and can quickly be rolled from the OB truck to the camera position with ease.

Comprehensive testing proved high durability even under extreme conditions in terms of temperature and mechanical impact. Maintenance is reduced to almost zero.


• Highly flexible all in one fold away solution
• 360° panning independent of the seat
• Very low working position
• Very small footprint
• Significantly minimised line of sight obstructions
• Steady shots
• Sturdy and smoothly running bearing
• Central cable feeding
• Continuously adjustable seat
• Effortless noiseless easy operation and transport
• No assembling
• Easily levelled
• Rigid compact modular upgradable design
• Low maintenance
• Noncorrosive
• All tripod heads
• Trolley included
• 1 year warranty


• Counterweights
• Camera risers in 4 hole flat + Mitchel
• Heavy duty version – doubled capacity
• Customisation


Min. height of headplate:
Base diametre:
D x W x H folded:
20 cm
75 x 63 x 140 cm
Weights and Loads
Total weight:
Load capacity:
Bearing load dynamic:
90 kg
600 kg
5000 kg