Orbiter 270 fixed stadium camera seat

The Orbiter 270 camera seat provides a 270° fixed system for venues requiring the smallest footprint. Its compact size provides an efficient and high performance camera seat for use in stadiums.


The Orbiter 270 6.0 stadium allows camera operators to work in tight spaces in any kind of venue without obstructing spectator sight-lines.

Camera and operator occupy an extremely low working position, eliminating the “dead angle” for nearby spectators and can be perfectly integrated into the auditorium.

Orbiter Camera Seat

Orbiter Camera Seat

The Orbiter 270 stadium facilitates rock solid stabilisation, 270° panning; smooth, steady and noiseless operation and accommodates all tripod heads, helping to capture great shots while working in difficult locations with ease and comfort

This model comes with a sealed high precision bearing facilitating smooth, steady and noiseless operation and accommodates all tripod heads. It allows perfect panning coming close to the characteristics of fluid heads and trouble-free panning over 270°. Comprehensive testing proved high durability even under extreme conditions in terms of temperature and mechanical impact. Maintenance is reduced to almost zero.


  • 270° panning independent of the seat
  • Very low working position
  • Significantly minimises impact on sight-lines
  • Rock solid stabilisation & steady shots
  • High grade sealed precision bearing
  • Adjustable friction
  • Continuously adjustable seat
  • Effortless noiseless easy operation
  • Rigid compact modular upgradable design
  • Low maintenance
  • Noncorrosive
  • Accommodates all tripod heads
  • Designed for fixed installations
  • 1 year warranty


  • Seat adjustable in height
  • Installation on site
  • Camera risers
  • Customisation


Min. height of headplate
20 cm
160 cm
130 cm
40 x 40 cm
Weights and Loads
Load capacity
Bearing load dynamic
30 kg
600 kg
1500 kg