StopShot – Cross Beam Kit

Cross-beam sensors provide the ultimate flexibility in beam triggering systems. They can be configured to trigger on a pin-point spot in space, multi-beam, or even directional triggering.


StopShot Cross Beam Kit

This StopShot Cross Beam Kit Includes the following:

– StopShot High Speed Controller
– AC Adapter, 240VAC compatible – US, EU, UK or Australian (choose below)
– Cross Beam Sensor set with either Laser or Infrared Transmitters (choose below)
– PC to RCA adapter
– 6′ (2m) RCA Male to Male Cable
– Laser Transmitter option includes two diffuser assemblies
– IR Transmitter option includes two IR lens assemblies
2 – 3.5mm 2m cables
2 – 2.5mm 2m cables
4 – Tripod Mounts for Sensors

This kit is ideal for ballistics, insects in flight, birds or any other subject too fast for you to capture by pressing the shutter button.

Both the laser and IR beam sensors use the same receiver so if you want both transmitter types you can just purchase additional transmitters.

Additional information



Electrical Specification Summary

Specifications MIN NOM MAX UNITS
Operating Temperature -20 25 60 C
Input Voltage 6 12 16 Vdc
Input Current – No Sensors Connected (12Vdc in) 75 100 mAdc
Input Current – IR Sensor Connected 150 200 mAdc
Output Current Sink 1 Adc
Sensor Supply Output Voltage 4.0 4.5 5.0 Vdc
Sensor Supply Output Current 100 mAdc
Max Voltage on Trigger Out Port (Steady State) 40 Vdc
Timer Tolerance @ 25C 0.005 %