Motion Analysis – Cortex Motion Capture System

Motion Analysis has been the industry leader in 3D motion capture technology. The internationally recognised Cortex software is the engine behind their success.

We offer professionals from industries such as medical, athletic, animation, engineering, broadcasting, and the military accurate and efficient motion capture systems to record and measure the kinetics, kinematics, positioning, and orientation of their subjects. Our team of highly qualified industry professionals is continually focused on product design and development to offer our clients a long-term value proposition along with the best software, support modules, and motion capture cameras available.


Cortex Motion Capture Software

Cortex motion tracking and editing software completely manages motion capture and measurement for all applications, including biomechanics, broadcasting, sports performance, game production, VR, AR, film, research, engineering, and rigid object tracking. The initial setup, calibrations, tracking, post-processing, and reporting are all conveniently handled within Cortex. Cortex makes the real-time previsualization process for all applications flexible and straightforward by elegantly separating data processing tasks such as tracking, identifying, skeleton solving, and retargeting.

Cortex provides the most complete set of visualization tools in the industry for constructing precise calibrations, along with intuitive tools that allow for ease of monitoring and updating the calibration status within seconds. Since much of the processing workload is executed within the camera hardware, many of the computations are offloaded from Cortex, allowing for the highest real-time marker counts in the industry. Using an exclusive industry technique for marker identification, defining, creating, and updating markersets is a simple, instantaneous process.

Cortex is capable of solving the skeletons of any structure with any number of segments, including bipeds, quadrupeds, props, and more, including facial animation. All solving data is stored with the markerset and only require seconds to adjust for each day’s use once it’s setup. The solving step allows for easy one-step retargeting.

Cortex includes a number of features that contribute to the quality and efficiency of data processing, including:

  • Virtual Join, the best technique in the industry for filling in missing data.
  • Multiple object tracking of any number of markersets at the same time.
  • SONIC and SONIC Viewer, tools which allow the use of a cluster of computers, managed by a third computer for the solving of skeletons that are unable to be solved in real-time on the Cortex computer.
  • Calcium, an interface within Cortex that allows users to edit Solver data for a perfect representation of a performer’s movements.

Cortex Modules

The modules embedded within Cortex provide easy to use and intuitive interfaces for a variety of applications, including skeleton creation, model creation for monitoring movements and kinetics, and camera calibration.

Calcium Solver is an easy to use real-time skeletal creation, setup, and motion monitoring system embedded within Cortex that creates the highest quality and most accurate data available for character animation. It creates the skeleton holistically, fitting the entire skeleton to the markers at once rather than separate parts of the skeleton in multiple passes and utilizes a technique called Global Optimization to minimize errors caused by slipping markers or loose clothing.

BioFeedTrak is a versatile tool within Cortex that allows users to take any data Cortex collects and provide completely customizable feedback in real-time. The user can pre-define the variables they’d like to measure, monitor the data, and provide feedback based on the measured values. Feedback can be visual, auditory, graphical or even control third-party devices.

KinTools RT is the industry’s only self-contained full-body, 3D kinetics and kinematics measurement package and custom model creation tool. Easy to use and embedded within Cortex, KinTools RT allows users to create custom models to perform a range of measurements, including segmental, joint, and full-body kinetics and real-time kinematics. It features an impressive graphical interface where users are able to view a visual representation of joint movements, angles, the center of mass, overall force and moment of inertia of the current pose, and the overall movement required to change the rotation of the object from within the skeleton itself. Users are able to batch process data using custom Sky files and export data for use in research software, including MATLAB and Microsoft Excel.

Motion Composer is software embedded in Cortex that allows users to gather, integrate, and present interactive motion capture data. Users can generate graphical and interactive reports consisting of motion capture data, force plate data, EMG data, kinetics, kinematics, documents, color video, and live web content. Motion Composer also features graphing, document and multimedia viewing, and a presentation player that allows users to package and share presentations through external storage, email, or the web.

Continuous Calibration is a self-diagnosing, self-correcting feature embedded within Cortex that only needs to be calibrated once by the user – even if the camera or tripod gets bumped. The elimination of wand calibration between multiple users also significantly improves camera accuracy. As an invaluable time-saving tool, Continuous Calibration is one of the most significant developments in the motion tracking industry.


GaitTrak is software embedded within Cortex that provides an easy, simplified gait measurement report prepared using Microsoft Excel templates. The user only needs to input the trials to be calculated, the subject’s information, and the events to be measured.



PitchTrak is a pitching application that allows coaches, PTs, and other sports professionals to measure and track the movement, torque, force, abduction, shoulder and elbow angles of a player’s body during left or right-handed baseball pitches. It creates a complete, detailed movement measurement and tracking of the upper body as well as measurements of the player’s technique, allowing for easy comparison of a player’s biomechanics over time or in comparison to other players. Pitchtrak is compatible with all Motion Analysis motion capture systems and features easy setup and processing, an intuitive user interface, printable reports, and web-ready dashboards.

BattingTrak is a batting application that allows coaches, PTs, and other sports professionals to measure and track the movement, bat, head, trunk, shoulder angle position, speed, stance, and step length/width during left or right-handed baseball or softball swings. It creates a complete, detailed performance report and comparison measures that can be used to compare the batting technique of a player over time or for comparison among different players. Battingtrak is compatible with all Motion Analysis motion capture systems and features easy setup and processing, an intuitive user interface, printable reports, and web-ready dashboards.