NAC’s ACS-1 high-speed camera is widely used in research and development fields. The NAC ACS-1 enables you to capture high-speed phenomena that cannot be seen with the naked eye resulting in detailed observation and measurement with superior image quality.


High-speed camera shooting at high resolution

With a full frame of 1,280 x 896 pixels @ 54,000 frames / sec, and a 1,280 x 448 pixel of 100,000 frames / sec (normal mode) the NAC ACS-1 High-Speed Camera enables high-speed shooting with high image quality.

Boost mode

Boost mode* is a function that can increase the shooting speed and effective resolution by using our unique sensor and signal processing technology. Thus, the NAC ACS-1 High-Speed Camera makes it possible to shoot at higher speeds with an increased effective imaging area.

* Boost mode only currently supported in monochrome camera models

NAC ACS-1 High-Speed Camera Boost mode (left: normal mode, right: boost mode)

High sensitivity ISO 100,000

The sensitivity of the monochrome sensor is ISO 100,000. This enables the camera to shoot clear and crisp images in low-light environments.

NAC ACS-1 High-Speed Camera Comparison to GXConventional model – Memrecam GX-8F

NAC ACS-1 High-Speed Camera sensitivity comparison

Memrecam ACS-1

NAC ACS-1 High-Speed Camera Image trigger

Large memory capacity and continuous recording

Up to 256GB of built-in memory is available allowing for long recording times. The NAC ACS-1 also allows you to temporarily save a segment of the image in the memory enabling you to shoot continuously without downloading the image data to the PC each time you shoot.

NAC ACS-1 High-Speed Camera Features Large capacity memory and memory division function

Simple synchronised shooting

SYNC-IN and SYNC-OUT connectors for input / output of synchronisation signal and trigger signal. As a result, synchronous shooting with two cameras can be performed simply by connecting a single cable between multiple cameras, without the need for external synchronisation equipment or auxiliary equipment such as a trigger signal distribution device. This function is applicable for 3D image capture as well and DIC applications.
NAC ACS-1 High-Speed Camera Simple synchronized shooting

High speed data download with USB3.0B

USB 3.0B is provided for image data transfer. By using the DOWNLOAD REC function, the next shooting can be performed even during image data transfer, allowing efficient shooting.


MEMRECAM ACS-1 Features High speed data download with USB3.0B

V-PAD Touch Panel Monitor

The ACS-1 V-PAD touch panel type monitor enables the user to control all functions of the camera without the need for a PC. As a result it is possible to connect a portable HDDs or secondary recording medium directly to the camera body via USB3.0 or USB2.0.

NAC ACS-1 High-Speed Camera Touch panel monitor for ACS V-PAD




ACS-1 M60

ACS-1 M40

ACS-1 M30

Image sensor 1.14 million pixel CMOS
ISO sensitivity (recommended exposure index) Color ISO 5,000 to 40,000 / Monochrome ISO 25,000 to 200,000
Electronic shutter 1/100-1 / 2500,000 seconds 1/100-1 / 1,666,666 seconds
Memory 64GB / 128GB / 256GB
Memory segment Up to 64 divisions
Recording time Normal mode

About 2.8 seconds (12bit, 60,000fps, 1,280 × 800pixel, 256GB)

Boost mode

Approx. 3.0 seconds (12bit, 100,000fps, 1,280 × 896pixel, 256GB)

Normal mode

Approx. 4.2 seconds (12bit, 40,000fps, 1,280 × 800pixel, 256GB)

Boost mode

About 4.6 seconds (12bit, 65,000fps, 1,280 × 896pixel, 256GB)

Normal mode

Approx. 5.6 seconds (12bit, 30,000fps, 1,280 × 800pixel, 256GB)

Boost mode

6.0 seconds (12bit, 50,000fps, 1,280 × 896pixel, 256GB)

Density gradation Select from 8 / 10 / 12 bit
Lens mount F mount (except lenses without aperture ring or aperture lever)
C mount
EF mount
input signal EST / Trigger Contact and photocoupler isolation / IRIG-B (AM) / ARM CMD / PWR CTL
Output signal Exposure pulse / ARM status / FAULT status / Display Port / trigger / VD OUT
Trigger mode NORMAL / EVENT / BURST / MULTI / LINEAR etc.
interface 1,000BASE-T / USB3.0B / USB3.0 / USB2.0
Control software MLink (included)
Camera power DC20-32V (attached to AC power system)
External dimensions  Approx. (W) 175 x (H) 175 x (D) 206 mm
Mass 7.3kg

Product Datasheet

ACS-1 M60-40