NAC Memrecam MX

The NAC Memrecam MX a high-speed multi-camera system that can connect up to 8 compact camera heads with full HD sensor to one MX-5 main unit for synchronized shooting.

Designed specifically for car crash test and collision experiments.

The new design mounts memory on the camera head, the cable that connects the camera head and the main body has been made thinner and more robust, and high-speed shooting with full HD (2 megapixel) resolution is possible.


NAC Memrecam MX

Designed specifically for car crash experiments

The MEMRECAM MX is a multi-camera system designed with an unprecedented concept specializing in automobile development.
With the use in collision experiments in mind, we improved the shock-resistant performance and enhanced the specifications of the camera such as high definition, and the new design with a built-in memory in the camera head reduced the diameter of the cable connecting the camera head and the main body. Realization and solidification.

Compliant with new regulations for collision testsNAC MX camera

With new test methods such as EuroNCAP and IIHS, the number of high-speed cameras installed has become stipulated, and we have released an 8ch model that meets these requirements. In addition to M-Cam, MX-5 can select 3 types of camera heads, M-Cam MFT and M2-Cam, and it is possible to operate with different camera heads and different camera settings depending on the shooting location.

Variety of compact camera heads available

M2-CamNAC MX camera

Is a compact size and has improved resolution, which is required for on-vehicle cameras for collision tests. A 33 x 33 x 45 mm compact camera head has a built-in recording memory and an eMMC for storing secondary data to improve durability in collision tests.

Micro Four Thirds compatible M-Cam MFT

A new camera head M-Cam MFT compatible with Micro Four Thirds has been added to the lineup. It uses the same sensor as the conventional M-Cam, and while maintaining high sensitivity, full HD, and 2,000 frames / second, it can be electrically controlled with a commercially available lens of Micro Four Thirds mount. The lens can be adjusted from a remote location, such as the ceiling of the collision test site, the underground pit, remote shooting of military-related items, and external control of the engine bench, enabling new operations that are different from before.

Connect up to 8 cameras to a small DRP

Equipped with a 2-megapixel sensor (excluding M2-Cam), a G-resistant camera head with a built-in 4GB memory captures high-definition video data. Now more accurate analysis is possible. In addition, the compact shape of the main unit makes it suitable for shooting environments where space is limited, such as in vehicles.

Uses a thin coaxial cable

The diameter of the cable is φ7 mm and the 360 ​​° rotating connector reduces camera installation restrictions and operational complexity. In addition, robustness and ESD resistance are enhanced to prevent problems during shooting.

Viewfinder remote control

You can adjust the angle of view and set the shooting conditions by connecting the tablet device to the wired / wireless LAN.

Accessories that are convenient for shooting

In addition to the plate-type LED lighting that can be installed even when shooting onboard, there is a lineup of lighting that can be selected according to the shooting environment, such as G-resistant LED lighting. By illuminating not only the average illuminance value but also unevenness, image quality and analysis accuracy can be improved. It is also possible to use the GX-HUB that shoots multiple systems synchronously, such as conventional products.



Body (DRP) specifications

MX-5 4ch

MX-5 8ch

Number of camera head connections Up to 4 Up to 8
input signal Trigger / EST / IRIG-B / PWR CTL
Output signal Exposure pulse / status
interface 1,000BASE-T / USB3.0
Impact resistance Shock 150G (6 axes) Half sign 11ms
Shock 200G (6 axes) Half sign 7ms
Control software MLink (included)
Power supply 24V DC (AC power system included)
External dimensions * 1 About (W) 195 x (H) 60 x (D) 160 mm About (W) 195 x (H) 70 x (D) 180 mm
Mass * 2 About 3.3kg About 3.6kg


Camera head specifications

M-Cam M-CamMFT


Image sensor * 3 2.70 million pixel solid-state image sensor 1.3 million pixel solid-state image sensor
ISO sensitivity (recommended exposure index) Color ISO 8,000 / Monochrome ISO 32,000 Color ISO 2,000 / Monochrome ISO 10,000
Electronic shutter 1/100 ~ 1 / 909,090 seconds
memory 4GB / 8GB 8GB 4GB
Memory segment Up to 16 divisions
Density gradation Select from 8/10 bit Select from 8/10 / 12bit
Trigger mode NORMAL
Lens mount C mount Micro Four Thirds Mount C mount
Camera cable Outer diameter φ6.9mm
Select length 5/10 / 20m
Outer diameter φ6.9mm
Length 0.6 / 5m selectable
Extension cable 30m * 4
(Maximum 40m in total with camera cable)
3 / 5m
(Maximum 15m in total with camera cable)
Impact resistance Shock 150G (6 axes) Half sign 11ms
Shock 200G (6 axes) Half sign 7ms
Shock 50G (6 axes) Half sign 11ms Shock 150G (6 axes) Half sign 11ms
Shock 200G (6 axes) Half sign 7ms
External dimensions * 1
(W) x (H) x (D)
About 75 × 55 × 55 mm Approx. 80 x 66 x 55 mm Approx. 33 x 33 x 45 mm
Mass * 5 About 470g About 550g About 100g


Shooting speed

M-Cam / M-CamMFT


Speed ​​(fps) Horizontal resolution × vertical resolution (pixel)
1,000 1,920 x 1,080 1,280 x 1,024
2,000 1,920 x 1,080 960 x 720
2,500 1,920 x 1,024 768 x 576
3,000 1,920 x 768 768 x 576
5,000 1,920 x 512 640 x 384
8,000 1,920 × 320 640 x 240
10,000 1,920 x 240 640 x 192
20,000 1,920 x 96 640 x 96
100,000 1,920 x 8 640 x 16
150,000 640 x 8


Synchronized shooting Fully synchronized shooting is possible by using GX-HUB (GX-HUB and Q-HUB can be used together)
G trigger function Start shooting with the G sensor built into the camera
EST mode Shoot in synchronization with an external signal
Memory backup Protects data even when power is cut off unexpectedly
Auto save Automatically save data to eMMC 64GB
Lens remote control * 6 Remote control of lens focus, iris, and zoom (depending on lens specifications) from a PC or tablet


Optional equipment
Viewfinder remote control Tablet device that supports shooting condition settings, playback condition settings, data storage, etc.
GX-HUB Build camera synchronization system for MX, HX, GX series


* 1 Excluding protrusions and optional items
* 2 DRP body only, excluding optional items
* 3 Select color or monochrome when purchasing
* 4 Extension cable 30m can be connected only when camera cable 5m or 10m is selected.
* 5 Camera head only, excluding cable
* 6 Only compatible with M-Cam MFT