GSVitec Multiled QT

The MultiLed QT is a standalone lamp head for continuous or pulsed operation with the G8 controller.

Continuous and pulsed
Exchangeable lenses
Compact size


GSVitec Multiled QT

The MultiLed QT is a standalone lamp head for continuous operation.

With the optional MultiLed G8 controller connected between power supply and lamp head, you can access a lot more functionality:

  • Easily exchangeable lens available: 15°, 30°, 50°, 60°
  • 12000 Lumen
  • Standard desktop power supply with 5 m cable included
  • White light (look at CT model for color LED)
  • 150W 48V
  • Continuous operation
  • Bottom 1/4-inch standard thread for photographic accessories and mount
  • Status LED
  • Uses standard Ethernet CAT6 S/FTP cable 1:1

Advanced features when connected to MultiLed G8 as power supply:

  • New GS Vitec „ultra high speed strobe“ technology, down to 200 nanoseconds strobe length at full output power
  • Pulse delay: 220 ns
  • Pulse rise time: 100 ns
  • Pulse fall time: 350 ns
  • Shortest usable pulswidth: 200 ns
  • Adjustable intensity for each channel: 0% to 100%
  • Temperature and status display for each lamp head
  • All communications and power supply come from the G8 through 1 Ethernet cable

The next generation of the industry leading MultiLed LT.

QT is half the size of an LT
QT has 50% more light output than an LT and a more homogenous distribution
QT has exchangeable lenses
QT / G8 minimum pulse time 200 nanoseconds compared to PTs 30 microseconds • QT uses widely available Ethernet cables

Scope of delivery:

QT: lamp head, desktop power supply, 5m cable, 15° lens
QT Plus: as QT, additional lenses: 30°, 50°, 60°
QT Set: 2* QT lamp head, 1* G8 controller, 320 W power supply, 2* 5m lamp head cable, 2 sets of lenses 15°, 30° 50° and 60°


Luminous Flux white, 12.000 Lumen
Power 150 W
Supply Voltage 48 Vdc
Bundled PS Desktop, 48 V, 160 W
Connector RJ-45
Heat Dissipation Active, heatsink and 2 fans
Einvironmental temp. (operation) -25°C – 45°C
temp. (Storage) -25°C – 80°C
Overtemperature Protection Sensor onboard
IP class IP 20
Mounting Options 1/4’’ thread
Standard Lenses 15° FWHM, exchangeable
Optional Lenses (QT Plus) 30°, 50°, 60° FWHM exchangeable
Dimensions 78 * 104 * 61 mm
Weight 650 g
Setup MultiLED G8 controller
Delay / rise and fall time 220 ns / 100 ns / 350 ns
LED 12
Housing Aluminium
Light modes Continuous, Pulsed
Light Intensity Adjustable, 0%..100%